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          who are we?

We are a locally owned and operated pest control company.  We are focused on providing our customer with the top pest control treatments in the in the industry that is safe for families, children and pets.  Because we are locally owned and ensure all of our customers are treated like family and they receive the attention needed to perform every job.  We service homes, commercial buildings, stores, schools, apartment complexes, state buildings and many more with excellence in the memphis area. 

Exterior Perimeter Plus Treatment Protection

We treat the outside of your home too so that you and your family are protected from outside critters that want to invade your home.  We take joy in protecting your home from invaders.  The outside treatment that we treat with is totally safe for pets and children.  Our perimeter plus treatment will go around your entire building or home for protection until the next treatment day.

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Interior Protection Treatment 

We protect you and your family from pest inside too.  We treat the inside of your home with  a treatement process that is safe for dogs and kids.  We ensure that the areas such as corners, cabinets, windows and other areas are specifically treated where pest want be able to invade areas of your home where you family is relaxing.  


               What Pest Do We Treat?

            bed bugs

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termites smiths.jpg
rats and mice





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Bed Bugs had taken over our home and we did not know what to do. We were reluctant because we had called other companies and they wanted a lot of money for the bed bug treatment. We called Smith's and they made us comfortable. They took their time and treated it right. They treated in January and we have not seen a bedbug since. We are now letting them do our regular pest control. Do yourself, your pocket and your family a favor by calling Smith's Pest Control for a sure way to get rid of all your Bed Bugs!

Lisa Whatley

Those bed bugs were about to drive me crazy. They bit me every night.  I had tried everything including other companies.  Smith's  was very patient and professional.  Most of all they got rid of my bed bugs for half the price what other companies in the area was charging.  Smith's does all my pest control now.  

Martha Jacobs

Collierville, TN

They were very professional, knowledgeable and they fixed my problem for half the price of the major companies.  They also called me back in 7 days to see if my problem was fixed.  I recommend Smith's pest Control to everyone.

Johnny Latrell

Germantown, TN

Bed Bugs in Memphis

These people are awesome! I am so glad I went with them.  They knew their stuff.  Dont use anyone else because they are the best.  Plus, they are reasonable and they will work with you with the cost.


Karen Graines

Memphis, TN

I highly recommend Smith’s Pest Control. This is my second time using their services. I had a problem with roof rats the first time and they took care of it in one visit. The next time I used their services was for bed bugs. Those things were driving me crazy. I thought I was going to have to move. They were quick to respond, professional, and saved me from buying a new house. Lol! I would recommend them 100%.

Dion Grey

Memphis, TN

Bed Bugs was our problem.  The bed bugs were all over our home in 4 bedrooms in the.  Smith's came out and inspected for free and gave us an estimate.  The price was 1/2 the price of what other companies were charging for bed bug treatments.  After two treats over 3 weeks we have not seen any live bed bugs in our home.  We were scared and skeptical but they made us feel comfortable.  

Michelle O'reily

Memphis, TN

As of three weeks ago we had a major Problem with German Roaches, But now after one service from Smiths Pest Control we are well on the way of being rid of all the bugs!!! After years of treatment 
Of different products on the market,
Roach Bombs, bug sprays, roach motel,
Roach proof. Even natural means but I've never been able to totally get rid of serious problem!!! If you are having a problem with not being able to get rid of Pest I highly recommend Smiths Pest Control Memphis!!!

Rita Dodd

Memphis, TN

          Free Inspection and Estimate 

         24/7 pest control  901.614.2707


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                        Voted One of The Top Small Pest Control Companies in Memphis, TN
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